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X: Stainless steel compound refining agent (used in steel mill)

1: Purify the liquid steel and greatly reduce the amount of foreign materials.
1.The refining agent has the function of slag formation, which can be used to improve the surface tension and interfacial tension of the liquid steel and slag. Then the liquid and slag can separate easily. Through the mixing of liquid and gas, the hydrogen can be effectively removed, which can avoid the pinholes.
2.The refining agent has the functions of deoxidation, desulphurization and dephophorization, which can greatly reduce the production of impurities.
3.The refining agent can collect the slag, and has strong viscosity, it can gather the slag on the surface of liquid steel together, and form large grained slag, which will float on the liquid steel and form a protective layer, which has the effect of thermal insulation, and can effectively prevent inhaling of the liquid steel.
2: It can refine the crystal grains, improve the mechanical property of the steel and greatly enhance its flexibility.
3: It can greatly reduce the slag, gas holes and cold shuts and other defects.
4: In the process of rolling, broken edge or fracture is hardly found; the pass rate of finished products can be increased by more than 3%.
5: It can improve the internal and external quality of the pipe, reduce cracks and save electric energy consume.
6: It can greatly improve the corrosive-resistance property.

Use method:
1: The recommended usage amount is 0.2% of the weight of the liquid steel. When the liquid steel starts to be poured into the pouring basin, put the compound refining agent in the pouring basin in batches (one by one), before the liquid steel reaches to 2/3 of the pouring basin, all the compound refining agent shall be put in the basin. The liquid steel shall be put into the pouring basin normally with no stop.
2: If crust or slag formed on the surface of the liquid steel, please add the slag conglomeration agent to remove it.

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