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III. Heat-resistent steel refining agent

1: It can enhance the antioxygenic property. By forming a layer of compact and steady alloy oxidation film on the metal surface, the anti-carbonation and sulfide resistance capability of the product will be greatly improved (see the following table ZG1Cr14Ni19).
2. It can significantly enhance the heat-resistant quality. By intercrystalline strengthening and disperse phase strengthening, the creep resistance capability of the steel will be greatly improved.
3: It can greatly reduce defects such as slag, gas holes, cold shuts and cracks.
A series of products has been successfully developed.. They are multiple types of refining agent for the heat-resistent steel for using in the different operating temperature condition, and the refining agent for the heat-resistent steel containing nitrogen.

Test No.

Test Temp

Weight before Oxidation
Weight after Oxidation
Average Weight-Increase Rate from Oxidation
Oxidation Level
1 1000 150 40.6942 40.6986 0.0208 Complete Anti-Oxidation
2 1200 150 40.5779 40.7456 0.7918 Anti-Oxidation
Notes: 1号、Φ15.06×30.1  2号、Φ15.08×29.8

Use method:
1. The recommended usage amount of the refining agent is 0.3% of the weight of the liquid steel.
2. Remove the floating impurities on the surface of the liquid steel by the deslagging agent.
3. Put the refining agent into the pouring basin, and then pour the liquid steel into it afterwards.
4. keep the agent in a dry condition, and away from damp and water.

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