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IV: Riser insulation agent

1: By using this agent, a great volume of heat will be generated, and so the liquid steel at the riser head will maintain in the liquid state for much long. Then the contraction of the castings can be continuously supplemented during the solidification processing. When the riser head contracts, the upper end will form into a crust with the shape of “U” or “Disk”. The good supplement property at the riser can reduce the required volume of riser head during casting, and so save liquid steel. It also guarantees that the castings have the compact structure with no shrinkage cavity or porosity. Overall it can increase the pass rate of finished products siginificantly.
2. Good spreadability. It can uniformly spread on the surface of the liquid steel, and glue the slag and impurities on the surface of the liquid steel together, it makes the collection of the slag much easily.
3: Form stable and reasonable heating layer, liquid-slag layer and insulating layer, which can effectively block the heat radiation, heat conduction and heat convection on the surface of the liquid steel, and has good insulation effect.
4: Contain no carbon and can completely avoid carbon pickup of the castings.
Use method:

I. Put the sufficient amount of agent in once, and make the cover thickness over 5cm.

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