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VII: Stainless slag degasifying agent (applied national patent for this product, the patent number is ZL2005 10038466.6)

1:A protective layer will form on the surface of the liquid steel, which has insulating effect, and can effectively prevent oxidization inhaling.
2: The liquid and slag can be separated by improving the surface tension and interfacial tension of the liquid steel and slag.
3: After removing the slag and hydrogen, the liquid steel will be clean, thus the dark spots on the work-piece surface and dark spots under the scarfskin will be greatly reduced, and result the much cleaner products.
4: The pure liquid steel can not only enhance the overall properties of the product, but also effectively reduce the failure rate of the products.(Carbon steel (low alloy steel) slag degasifying agent and cast copper refining agent have similar functions, please refer to the previous section)

Use method
1. Put the steelwork (ingot) in for melting.
2. When the liquid steel is full, remove the slag for the first time, then put in slag degasifying agent which is 0.3-0,5% of the weight of the liquid steel. When the liquid steel temperature reaches to 1650℃-1700℃, turn the power off and keep it standing still for 2 minutes. During this time, do not do anything to remove the slag (namely do not spray deslagging agent). Turn the power on again and spray the deslagging agent.
3. Then remove the slag, deoxidize it, measure the temperature and carry out casting (or follow your company operation instruction).

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