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八、Carbon steel refining agent

1. It can significantly reduce the amount of foreign impurities.
2. It can improve the fluidity of the liquid steel, significantly reduce the defects such as the slag, cold shuts and gas holes etc, and greatly relieve the internal stress of the casting product. It also improves the machining properties of the steel.
3. It can enhance the mechanical properties of the steel, product properties in as-cast state or as-rolled state exceed the national standard (see table 1).

Use method:
1.The recommended usage amount of the refining agent is 0.2% of the weight of the liquid steel.
2. Remove the floating impurities on the surface of the liquid steel by deslagging agent.
3. In the case of no pouring basin: before tapping, scattered the refining agent uniformly on the surface of liquid steel in 3 to 4 times. After removing the slag, do the casting immediately.
4. In the case of pouring basin: put the refining agent into the pouring basin, and then pour the liquid steel into it afterwards.
5. keep the agent in a dry condition, and away from damp and water..

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