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IX: Stainless steel refining agent ( used in steel mill )

1. It can significantly reduce the amount of impurities.
2. It can improve the mechanical property of steel, and increase the elongation rate.
3. It can greatly reduce the slag, gas holes and cold shuts and other defects.
4. Not require of any special solution equipment. After finishing the hot rolling, it can be put into water directly if the rolled steel is about 950℃.
5. In the process of rolling, broken edge or fracture is hardly found; the pass rate of finished products has been greatly increased.
6. It can improve the internal and external quality of the pipe, reduce cracks, save electric energy consume and prolong the service life of the punch pin.
7. It can greatly improve the corrosive-resistance property of the product.

Use method:
1. The recommended usage amount is 0.2% of the weight of the liquid steel. Use III-type for austenite and two phase stainless steel; Use V-type for ferrite and austenite stainless steel. VI-type is universal. The floating impurities on the surface of liquid steel shall be removed by deslagging agent.
2. When the liquid steel reaches to 1/3 of the pouring basin, put the refining agent in the pouring basin and pour the liquid steel into it immediately with no stop.
3. keep the agent in a dry condition, and away from damp and water.

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